Literacy course

Literacy course

Maximum of 1300 lessons, face-to-face course

The course is aimed at people who cannot or cannot read and write to a sufficient extent. People with a migrant background must overcome an additional hurdle: they should not only speak German, but also learn to read and write in Latin. The literacy courses help these people to do this.

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Literacy course


Duration: max. 1300 teaching units
Max. Number of part
icipants: 12Teaching times: Lessons are Monday to Friday from 08:15 to 1
2:15: Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

Welcome to the Language School Nova. We see that many migrants who come to Germany as refugees have not attended school in their home country and have therefore and have never learned to read or write. Or they have forgotten what they have learned due to a lack of practice. These participants are doubly challenged in the integration course: they must learn to read and write not only the German language, but also the Latin script. Our literacy courses offer the participants a great opportunity: it is only by mastering the written language together with basic knowledge of German that real participation in German society becomes possible.


The literacy course is aimed at migrants who do not speak the Latin alphabet or mother tongue. These include primary illiterate and functional illiterate people. Primary illiterate people have no competence in the written language and therefore need special methodological and didactic support.Functional illiterate people have very poor lyre skills in reading and writing, which are not sufficient to attend a general integration course. We have learned that these people often have fears and inhibitions because they find it difficult to read and write.  Therefore, our lecturers go with a great deal of empathy and patience to the content-related teaching of the given learning material, because with this we experience great learning progress in our participants.


The literacy course is attended by migrants who, in accordance with Section 4 (1) IntV are eligible and where it is not appropriate to attend a general integration course or other integration course for specific target groups due to a lack of or insufficient written language skills. Whether participation in a literacy course is necessary is determined in the placement procedure for the integration courses. The alpha building block integrated in it enables the basic identification of existing literacy needs and an assignment to the three main target groups of the literacy course.



Lessons are Monday to Friday from 08:15 to 12:15 and from 12:30 to 16:30.

Aufbau der Kurse

Alpha courses consist of three classes, each with 300 lessons. The integration course consists of a basic alpha course, a build-up alpha course A and a build-up alpha course B. There is the possibility to extend the course by another 300 teaching units. For this, a repeat application must be submitted to the BAMF, which is usually approved, since the dTC examination after only 900 UE is only successful in exceptional cases.


A change of course can only be made at the beginning of a new course section.A prerequisite for a change of course is that the participant still has at least 100 UE available.
A change of participants from the basic alpha course to a
nother course is not recommended for pedagogical reasons. In the Build-Up Alpha courses, it is regularly checked whether a change of course is possible from the level of written language achieved and whether the participant could thus achieve a higher level of language overall. This applies in particular to second-letter learners. The decision on this lies with the teacher in consultation with the participant.

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