Our mission statement

Our mission statement

We have not only a clear idea of what contribution we can make as a language school to the further development of our society, but also strategies that should lead to the realization of this vision.

Mission statement of the language school NOVA

As a language school, we offer future-oriented further education, with the focus on people. For us, cooperation with people from different backgrounds and cultures is both a claim and an enrichment. Through our work, we participate in the development of society and assume a special responsibility. We are involved in the regional and supra-regional networks for the integration of our participants and cooperate in their senses with counselling centres, migrant organisations, social actors and institutions. In addition to teaching itself, this is an important task that we perform reliably and solution-oriented. Mutual appreciation, openness, passion and professionalism are paramount in order to meet the expectations of our participants, employees and business partners.

We are committed to achieving the greatest possible benefit for you. We take care of the needs of our participants, employees and business partners with empathy and are sensitive to them. We understand the language of our participants. Our working climate should be characterized by respect and collegiality, fairness and willingness to cooperate. We maintain and promote the reputation of our profession through our demeanour and our working methods.

Our role as a language school

Our mission is to promote language development through immersion and broaden the horizons of our participants. Inspired by the different countries of origin of our teachers, we know that learning and communicating a new language is the key to being part of a changing world and promoting sustainability.

Our overarching goals

Further development as a facility is our top priority. In doing so, we focus on sustainability and profitability to strengthen and expand the competitiveness of the NOVA language school. We ensure flexibility, quality and cost-effectiveness of services through efficient, transparent processes and structures as well as the effective use of resources. A central goal is the expansion of our well-coordinated offers, which should be easily usable and easily accessible for our participants. Through regional and supra-regional integrations as well as diverse cooperations, we will further expand our network. As a result, the NOVA language school is perceived and integrated more as a reliable and solution-oriented partner.

Our quality principles

By setting up a system to ensure quality, all offers are based on a didactic-methodical concept. The events are geared towards a variety of methods. Each operation is designed to make the participant's learning experience as positive and productive as possible. Each participant starts with a personal consultation at the NOVA language school. Existing language skills will be tested in writing and orally, the personal learning objective will be defined, any questions will be answered and a coordinated learning programme will be proposed. For us, successful learning means expanding the personal and social skills of individual learners.

In addition to the professional activities of the learners, these relate to participation in cultural, social and political life. The participant must see a clear added value. With our services, we increase the efficiency and competitiveness of our participants. Interested parties receive clear statements from us about the learning requirements and the course of the learning service. Our staff is continuously trained in technical and pedagogical training. Bright and modern classrooms meet the needs of our participants and enable a pleasant learning atmosphere.

Our quality management is based on continuous improvement. This applies to the learning service directly with the participant, but also to supporting activities in the background. Quality-conscious thinking and action supported by clear tasks is the prerequisite for continuous improvement. The NOVA language school works with committed, professionally and adult-pedagogically qualified lecturers. 

The lecturers are introduced to their activities, informed about changes in the framework conditions for conducting integration courses and encouraged to exchange ideas on a regular basis. The faculty is always in regular, close and intensive exchange with the institution. Errors represent potential for improvement and are avoided by disarating causes.